Canine Assisted Reading programs – An overview

Today, I happened to be looking for some material on children’s literature as that’s one thing that really fascinates and intrigues me. A couple of modified Google searches later, I was reading up about Animal Assisted Reading programs and their rising popularity in many many literate cultures.

Having been a volunteer for a canine assisted reading program and having conducted sessions for it, I am familiar to what it is and I know for myself that it indeed does wonders for reluctant or apprehensive readers. Who wouldn’t want a furry, non judgemental and non critical companion to read out to rather than someone who highlights each mistake you make? And that too while doing a task that intimidates and scares you to a large extent!

While going through the articles and websites that popped up in the search, this article really caught my eye. Though a slightly longish read, it’s got wonderful flow with which the writers have brought forth the concept, how it helps and most importantly how can you start such an activity. No doubt that in a context like ours, the way we approach this kind of a program will need modifications and changes, but nevertheless it is a wonderful read to get to know the concept and its dimensions.

Here is the link to the original article and I loved the way the have titled it – “When reading gets ruff” :

And here is Misty, one of our senior and now retired therapy dogs in her young and “hey-days” at a canine assisted reading session. 🙂



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