The Woof Talks – Coffee’s big day!

She woke up earlier than usual today. I didn’t have to paw her, lick her nose or coax her with my wake up special hubbub which she describes to her friends very jokingly as funny, weird meows! Anyhow, so she was up, she looked at me with this weird “Awwwww” look that she gives me oh so often and she suddenly she was in a hurry to get ready! My human, I tell you!

Before I knew it, she was dressed and I know where we go when she wears that pair of jeans! We go to work! My favourite place on earth! So I dusted myself off and I was ready to leave – in seconds! Before we left, she took a deep breath, looked at me and said “It’s a big day for us Coffee! Be good and do well!”. I didn’t understand what she was referring to! What’s so big about a work day – work day is a joy ride! A huge grass field to run around on, one weird cow to chase, friends to meet and so much to smell! And what’s “Be good?” I always do so well, I even come back to her (most of the times :P) when I am called despite the thousand odd smells that invite me!

Nevertheless, leashed and packed, we left. The car was a different one, and Aditi, my new friend was there too! Like usual, I looked outside the window, showed of my flying ears to the world, fidgeted endlessly in the car and reluctantly posed for pictures before we finally got off.

It was a huge building, with a lot of children running here and there. The thing I found the most amusing was that they were wearing the same kind of clothes! All the kids ended up looking the same – looked a lot like me and my sister Ellie! But I still couldn’t figure out why were we here.

We walked into a hall where a lot of the children were sitting and it looked like they had been waiting for us. “It’s a puppy!” “Oh she is so cute!” “Will we get to pet her?”  Everyone was excited to see me, and that made me feel very bright and happy. With my tail held high up and with my best smile on my face I trotted across the room and sat down with Aditi.

While my human, Ira explained to those children about the moods that dogs like me have, I waited patiently for my turn to do my job. After looking at a lot of pictures flashed on a screen and listening to Ira and Aditi talk about us dogs, I was finally got to get up on stage! I was absolutely thrilled!

With my favorite treats pouring in and so many people praising me, I knew I was at my best behavior! I proudly took part in the demo and followed all the commands for the children to know what a trained dog is capable of doing! I loved doing the commands with the children too! They all squealed and laughed when I shook hands with them or gave them a hi five with my paw! They seemed really tickled by the fact that I have tiny paws! One boy even gave me a sit command in French! All of you must be thinking She must not have understood, but I’m smart! I followed his hand signals too and that look of amazement on his face when I sat (and the treat that followed that too!) – that was so rewarding!

And then of course, happened photographs. I just don’t get why one has to sit still and look at that thing that rings and vibrates and startles me! But since everyone did, I did too! But then someone said “Say Coffeeeeeee” and the whole hall bellowed my name! I kind of didn’t know whom to look at because there were so many people calling out to me! Funny humans!

It was a long day, an eventful one! But as Ira said it was a big and good one, because I officially became a “therapy pet” today!


 – Coffee the Beagle


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